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Is Yerba Mate Natures Perfect Drink?

Is Yerba Mate Natures Perfect Drink?

A herbal tea does not get nicknamed “the drink of the gods” lightly. Yet ilex Paraguariensis or Yerba Mate has been labeled as such for centuries. Quite simply, every tea and coffee drinker in the world should be incorporating Yerba Mate into their hot drink lifestyle.

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Yerba Mate has been consumed as a staple in various forms for millennia in the South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The true, potent and nourishing power of Yerba Mate has been long-time documented even with tales of it being a powerful tool in war, where indigenous South American warriors would curb poor ration supply and hunger for sometimes weeks with nothing but the prolonging and nourishing effect of Yerba Mate. Battles were won without swords and arrows but merely with calm, patience and Yerba Mate.  How good!?

unnamedThe question is not, “What can Yerba Mate do?” The questions should be more so, “What can Yerba Mate not do!?” The list of documented Yerba Mate benefits is almost unending and far too vast to go into great detail for a simple blog post now. Over time we will be selecting and highlighting certain attributes and benefits of Yerba Mate use and giving the detail they deserve more specifically. To give an idea of the power of the plant and tea we will outline what we see as the five key features and benefits of Yerba Mate. They are:

1. Smooth Energy Boost – Yerba Mate generally contains around 85mg of caffeine per cup, which is more than tea but less than coffee. The energy boost received is not the typical ‘high-low’ experienced with coffee but a gradual, clean and calming boost of energy. The effects are so different that the phrase Mateine has been coined to replace Caffeine with the tea as scientists currently search for the unique compound similar to caffeine but unique to Yerba Mate.

2. Nutritional Superfood – Yerba Mate is non-acidic, jam-packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains practically all the micro-nutrients needed to sustain life. As well as 15 Amino Acids, Yerba Mate includes concentrated doses of:

• Vitamin A
• Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E
• Calcium
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Manganese
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• Selenium
• Sodium
• Sulphur
• Zinc

3. Anti-Stress Agent – Theobromine which is also found in chocolate is found in plentiful amounts in Yerba Mate. Theobromine is the compound that promotes the mild euphoric effect of eating chocolate and drinking Yerba Mate by relaxing blood vessels and allowing for better blood flow which decreases tensions on the heart and promotes feelings of calmness and clarity within.

4. Promotes Digestion – Unique compounds such as Xanthines, help to promote smooth muscle relaxation which aide digestion particularly if one struggles with constipation and bloating. Yerba Mate is also naturally antibacterial against E. coli the most common form of food poisoning.

5. Weight Loss – Yerba Mate is linked to increased fat oxidation, slowing of the digestive muscles and heightened levels of satiety which all contribute to weight loss. The overall combination of energy, nutrients and muscle relaxation experienced when consuming the tea speeds up metabolism and is the perfect partner to any weight loss regime.

The reason Good Pantry is involved with Yerba Mate has all stemmed from personal experience in how it has helped shaped positive change and health in my own life. Before drinking Yerba Mate I could consume up to five coffees a day. With coffee being so acidic I was destroying my stomach, gut and general well-being from the inside out – not good!!! Since discovering and incorporating Yerba Mate into my lifestyle, my health and well-being have increased dramatically. The bowel issues are gone, the ‘bubble belly’ has vanished and with café coffee being nearly $5 a pop, the wallet is feeling heavier.

220px-Mate_en_calabazaTraditionally, Yerba Mate is drunk through an oval-shaped drinking cup called a Gourd. The herb is packed in, hot water is added and the liquid is consumed through a special straw called a Bombilla. We in no way want to disrespect the culture and traditions of those who have come before us but we feel a slightly more subtle and refined way of drinking the tea will allow an easier transition to incorporate Yerba Mate into your life to receive all the benefits (and much, much more) discussed. Use 1 level Tbsp (5g) per cup (250ml) and infuse with hot but not boiling water for 3-10 minutes depending on taste. Yerba Mate has a slightly bittersweet flavour which can be enjoyable on its own or can be sweetened by adding any number of other fruits, herbs or flavourings to get the perfect taste for you. For example, a spoonful of honey, a slice of lemon, or one or two mint leaves.

Do you want to improve your health? Do you want to feel more vitality in your day to day functioning? Do you want to feel more holistic and better about yourself in general?
If so then we invite you to purchase some of delicious, nutritious and life-changing organic Good Pantry Yerba Mate to set the path of health and vitality!

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