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Taking sustainability seriously

Here at Good Pantry we take sustainability seriously.

Our Sustainable Superfoods are produced in a way that has a low impact on the environment and they are products that will be able to be produced the same way in the years to come without compromising mother earth.  Water use, land use and CO2 emissions are all of concern to our plight and we stock products according to how they perform on these accounts.  For us though, it is not enough to simply sell our sustainable superfoods, we want to extend our sustainability focus throughout our business.  One of the ways we are doing this is through saying NO to conventional courier packaging.  We were looking for a sustainable and time efficient way to prepare our goods for posting.

We were so stoked to find STONEPAPER eco courier satchels!

Had you heard of Stonepaper?! Us neither until a few months ago when NZ company Stonepaper Packaging popped up in a search for sustainable packaging solutions.  Paper made out of stone? Really?

Yes! This revolutionary paper is made from 80% crushed stone gathered from industry offcuts that are then bound together by a non-toxic resin to form a beautiful satin textured paper.  All the while leaving the Earth’s natural water supplies and forests to do what they do best!

So what’s so good about Stonepaper I hear you ask?

This paper is seriously amazing.  It looks like paper and can do all the things paper can do- be folded, printed on, made into any shape and size etc.   It feels similar to tree paper- but much nicer- satin smooth.  However, where tree paper requires trees (duh), which require water and land space as well as needing to be cut down, Stonepaper production uses no water, no extra land space and can not only be recycled but is also photodegradable!  Photodegradable means if it is left exposed to the sun it will turn to a powder and then simply return to the earth.  Stonepaper Packaging uses premium Rockstock paper. Rockstock has been given NZ’s most prestigious environmental award – The Environmental Choice.  We are so pleased to have found this alternative and know our customers have been enjoying it too.

Tree Free, Recyclable (#2 code), Photodegradable, Commercially compostable, Environmentally friendly & Non-Toxic Inks

Below is a diagram that explains some of the environmental benefits when producing one metric tonne of Stone Paper compared with traditional pulp paper.


And what have we done with this product?

We designed and had made courier bags that our products get delivered in to our online customers.  When you order your goods from us, we pop them straight into the bag, seal it and its ready to make its way to you.  No plastic courier bags, no soggy paper wrapping getting wet in the leaky mailbox, just a lux bag that is ready to be recycled- or re-used if you like, simply turn it inside out to post your own mail in!  When you buy from us you can trust we are making good decisions on your behalf and will continue to explore alternatives as we grow.


Now we just need to work out a way to get these bags to fly to you without the use of a courier……

Eat good, do good.

Let us know your thoughts!