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All about HEMP

As many of you see hemp products popping up you are wondering what is all the fuss about!  We love when we get questions about this superfood, in fact ‘superplant’ is more accurate, so in an attempt to answer some common questions we have put together some information to help you understand more about this plant we love so much at Good Pantry.

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Hemp is….

Hemp is an ancient crop that has recently become popular and highly sought after in New Zealand.  It will continue to grow in popularity as the world continues to seek sustainable solutions to many environmental problems.  

Hemp is a fast growing crop that grows without the use of herbicides or pesticides making it a great rotation crop for farmers looking to diversify as it is relatively easy to grow.  With its quick growth, it converts CO2 faster than any other traditional crop and is a bio-remediating crop which means it cleans and improves soil quality.

Unfortunately hemp is still often confused with its cousin marijuana as they are both from the Cannabis family, but unlike its cousin, hemp contains little to no THC, the compound that delivers the psychoactive effects of marijuana.  The hemp plant is grown for a multitude of uses and many of the products we use in day to day life can be made from hemp. Hemp products include fabric, paper, plastics, fuel, building material and food. As the hemp industry in New Zealand grows you will see more clothing items made from hemp popping up in stores that have sustainable clothing production as part of their ethos.  We hope before long that technology developments will mean we can package our hemp food products in Hemp pouches too! Every part of the hemp plant can be used and we look forward to when legal changes are made in New Zealand to allow more of the plant to be recognised for its nutritional and medicinal properties that much of the world already acknowledges.


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The legal changes

Late in November 2018 the New Zealand government finalised law changes that had been approved nearly 2 years prior to pass the hulled hemp seed and it’s products as food fit for human consumption.  Previously Hemp Seed Oil was the only product from the seed that was legal as this product was legalised in 2002. While we are rapt that the hemp seed and its derived products are now legal we look forward to when the leaves, flowers and roots are recognised for their medicinal properties too.  Up until the 1930’s, when big pharma business started to take over, 90% of all medicines available had Cannabis Sativa ingredients in them!!


Why eat hemp?

Good Pantry has a range of hemp products that are not only great for our planet and amazing examples of sustainable food products for our world but firmly sit in the superfood category with their nutritional profiles.  Hemp products have an optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 in a 3:1 ratio. This ratio is important for immune responses in your body. It also contains smaller amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and oleic acid, making it a very unique essential fatty acid product.  Hemp food products contain impressive protein and fibre levels so are a great choice of plant based nutrition. Among other benefits, the nutritional content of hemp products can aid in improving digestion, act as a hormone support, help skin problems, inflammation and heart disease.  Good Pantry stocks only premium quality products from New Zealand Hemp – Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Protein (43% protein), Hemp Flour (53% fibre), Hemp Hearts and our very own Hemp Power Blend No. 1 which contains the very best gelatinised Maca and raw Cacao to complement our Hemp Protein. As we move through 2019 we will increase our range of hemp products and look forward to seeing hemp become more of a household pantry staple.  

We at Good Pantry look forward to sharing premium New Zealand Hemp products with you and having you become part of the hemp revolution, one that ensures both your health and that of our planet is first and foremost!


2 thoughts on “All about HEMP

  1. Hi, I just wanted to share..I started using the Hemp Hearts as of yesterday..I had a good sleep…today when I woke asthma was like 70% better!! I am still taking my inhalers like usual.but they never really fully help it.I could breathe better and didn’t have that tight feeling…so am really pleased as thought that it could be something in my diet that I may be missing that was causing my asthma to get worse ..I felt a wellbeing and happy and more robust today….and my husband has felt a noticeable wellbeing from it too…please feel free to share these comments. Thanks Elizabeth, Wellington

    1. Elizabeth, that is so wonderful to hear! Both about our product and your health. Hemp has so many benefits and it really is a superfood. We believe that superfoods are a preventative for many illnesses and it looks like you have found yours!

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