Sherrie and Sam Thompson

Sherrie & Sam Thompson

 Sam and Sherrie Thompson

Sherrie and Sam Thompson

Hi! We are Sam and Sherrie Thompson of Good Pantry, husband and wife team and parents to three charming (read crazy!) little boys who keep us on our toes and mean we are forever trying to find which way is up. Living in the beautiful Ohope means we spend a lot of time with sand underfoot and sun on our backs, the slow lifestyle that suits us perfectly.

Good Pantry is our newest baby, one that evolved as a want to do good for our children’s future. Their future, in our opinion, is one that must focus on a healthy world, and while there are many avenues to explore this, we are foodies, so have combined two of our passions: environmental concerns and food. So was born our journey into Sustainable Superfoods.

Join us on our journey, eat good, do good!