Superfood Recipes



Crockpot Granola

Who says granola is a breakfast food?! I would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner it’s so good!




Decadent Bliss Balls

These decadent bliss balls tick all the boxes… using only a few ingredients and super easy to whip up you will make them again and again!

Protein bliss balls

Hemp Cookies

These are a lunch box treat for both the big and small people in your life.  I love them warm, straight out of the oven!

Hemp Cookies recipe

Hemp Mylk

A recipe that doesn’t actually warrant a recipe it’s so simple!  Hint: Hemp hearts, water, vanilla……

Hemp Milk

Hemp Hearts Basil Pesto

Quick, easy and delicious, this vegan pesto will be a winner all round!

hemp pesto recipe


Peanut Choc Cookies

So so super quick and easy to make, these cookies will be a hit if they even make it to the oven, the mixture is delicious on its own!

Choc Chia Bliss Balls

Bliss balls packed with superfoods, so easy to make, so good to eat and a perfect gift for wee Christmas presents!


A kiwi favourite! These are a great after school snack and they work well in lunchboxes too.  These ones have a protein hit to fuel your body, enjoy!

Choc Crick Smoothie

Another easy way to use our Cricket Powder is to incorporate it into a chocolate (cacao) smoothie!  Perfect tasty pick me up on these beautiful hot summer days!

Super Green Smoothie

You wont need a fridge full of fresh green veggies to make this one! Save those for the salads!

Quinoa Protein Bars

Say goodbye to store bought mueslie bars full of sugar and with a slim nutritional profile!

Cricket Seed Loaf

This nutrient dense loaf is a tasty way to have a snack, a treat and keep your vitality high.

Coconut Protein Bites

These delicious little bites are the perfect snack food, full of protein and goodness they will power your day.